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  • Travel Assistant is Online

    Travel Assistant is Online

    The SGA Travel Assistant is a tool designed to enable you to plan your next trip home or back to college.

    Whether you are a commuter and are looking for someone with whom you can share a ride, or already thinking about planning your next trip home, the SGA Travel Assistant is here to help. If you are in need of a ride home, browse the listing of available rides to your hometown or post your need and have someone help you out. If you have an extra seat or two to spare, you can post their availability here and help someone with their ride home.

  • Book Exchange

    Book Exchange

    The Book Exchange takes selling, searching, and exploring books to a whole new level. It has recently been completely rewritten from the ground up and visually redesigned to better serve you than the older version of the Exchange. It features a minimalist design and interactive experience designed to immerse you in a simple, creative software experience designed to work as quickly as you do.

    Click on the "Book Exchange" link near the top of the page to begin quickly searching, selling, and buying books for the semester ahead.

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SGA is the primary communication link between students, faculty, and administration at Grove City College. We support the mission of the College by reviewing and commenting on College policy, directing College initiatives, supporting student activities, and hosting our own events for students.

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We in the Student Government of Grove City College are here to be representatives for you, the Student Body. If you need to contact SGA for anything, feel free to e-mail us at Our main goals lie in supporting the mission of the College, serve as the primary communication link, act responsively to student needs, and achieve visible results.

We hope to be a representative government that strives for intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development of the student body. SGA upholds the mission of the College, which is committed to Christian Truth, morals and freedom. We also provide an opportunity for direct effective student interaction with students, faculty and administration in matters relating to the college.


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